Welcome to the AG Press Bookstore.

AG Press is a POD publisher. In 2005, after having her books published by other POD publishers who did little or no marketing, editing, and promoting, Cheryl and Grover Pillsbury started AG Press. We knew that there were author's that could not get their books published by the well known publishers. They could go to POD publishers however, having been that route we want to spare them that nightmare. AG Press is a small company operating out of an apartment, we have no employees however, we do have a qualified team of subcontractor's who edit and illustrate for us. All books are handcrafted and printed on 24 lb white paper (not the traditional publisher paper); we then bind, and attach the covers into the finished product. Our publishing packages are reasonably priced and each package includes free author copies. We also offer business cards, greeting cards, invitations, flyers, and much more. We contact local bookstores, newspapers, and libraries to announce your book and schedule book signings, however, you are the best marketer of your book and we rely on you to sell yourself after all you spent a long part of your time and life to write the book. Check out the rest then go with the best AG Press.


If you are an author looking to get a book published check us out at www.agpress.8m.net we offer the lowest package prices and have an experienced team of editors and illustrators.


AG Press
(978) 925-9541
18 Maple St. Lot 58
Pepperell, MA 01463
If you have any questions please contact us using the email address below.
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